Roles, Mission & Responsibilities

Roles & Mission
The mission of the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), the MSRC Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and Technical Advisor relevant to the motor vehicle registration fee (discretionary funds) are as follows:


  1. Establish and adopt a Work Program for the distribution of AB 2766 discretionary funds, and send the adopted Work Program to the SCAQMD Governing Board for its approval. The Work Program submitted to the district’s Governing Board shall consist, at a minimum, of:
    1. A cover letter requesting, at a minimum, Board approval of the Work Program
    2. A list of projects to be funded
    3. A description of each project and the emissions reduction to be achieved, if quantifiable
    4. The amount of funding and co-funding, if any, for each project
    5. Any conditions attached to the funding of each project
  2. Establish the TAC as an advisory committee to assist in the development of the request for proposals (RFP), technical evaluation of submitted proposals, and perform other work as assigned by the MSRC.
  3. Adopt policies and procedures, as necessary, for the performance of its statutory responsibilities. These include, but are not limited to, the development of an RFP or RFPs, guidelines for the submittal and evaluation of proposals, and selection criteria.
  4. Define the work effort and provide policy guidance to any consultant staff selected by the MSRC and funded by the Discretionary Fund in accordance with statutory requirements.
  5. Select a Technical Advisor to assist in the development of the RFP and in the technical evaluation of submitted proposals, administer the contracts of the Work Program and any other work as assigned by the MSRC.
  6. Perform any other duties it deems necessary, to monitor the Work Program and to publicize its successes.
  7. Coordinate reporting and auditing process with the SCAQMD.


  1. Establish and administer a special account for discretionary fund projects as authorized by the MSRC and subsequently approved by the SCAQMD Board. The district has established a special revenue fund for this purpose.
  2. Prepare and monitor all contracts for consistency and compliance with legal requirements, and SCAQMD standard contracting policies and procedures. Review contracts for liability assessment.
  3. Report to the ARB and others as appropriate on the use of motor vehicle registration fees and the progress of the projects funded.
  4. Select an independent auditor to perform an audit on the use of motor vehicle registration fee revenues pursuant to the Health & Safety Code Section 44244.1.
  5. Provide the MSRC and the TAC with administrative support services and technical assistance.


  1. The TAC is established by the MSRC to serve as an advisory committee.
  2. Provides the primary assistance to the MSRC in the development of the Work Program.
  3. Reviews and evaluates all proposals submitted for funding pursuant to MSRC guidelines and consistent with statutory requirements, with the assistance of the Technical Advisor.

Technical Advisor

  1. A Technical Advisor is selected by the MSRC to assist in the development and technical evaluation of submitted proposals; administers the Work Program contracts.
  2. Assists the TAC and MSRC in the technical evaluation of the AB 2766 discretionary fund applicants.
  3. Develops and maintains a computerized database of applicants and funded projects. Coordinates information with the SCAQMD. Makes appropriate information available to the public in accordance with the Public Records Act.
  4. Provides assistance to successful applicants in the preparation of work statements, cost schedules, and other required contract data.
  5. Represents the MSRC in contract negotiations between the successful applicants and the SCAQMD. Monitors contract performance of the successful applicants and reports, as requested, to the MSRC and the SCAQMD. All requests for work/information made by SCAQMD to the Technical Advisor shall be made known to the MSRC Chairperson.
  6. Reports to the MSRC at regularly scheduled meetings.
  7. Coordinates with district staff, through the Executive Officer of the AQMD or his designee, the negotiation, administration, and monitoring or Work Program contracts.