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Dozens of Interested Applicants Participate in the Local Government Partnership Program Webcast

On October 3, more than 175 attendees gathered to participate in the MSRC’s Local Government Partnership Program presentation and webcast. Because of the new format of this program - transitioning it from a competitive process to a set-aside allocation - the MSRC staff wanted to ensure that they had the opportunity to engage with applicants and answer questions in a group format. The Local Government Partnership Program (formerly the Match Program) is a little different than in years past because the program now offers local agencies that participate in the AB 2766 Motor Vehicle Subvention Fund Program a pro-rata share…... Full Story

The MSRC Invests in CR&R’s Innovative Facility that Generates its Own Renewable Natural Gas to Fuel its Fleet of Waste Collection Vehicles

The MSRC has partnered with CR&R Environmental Services on a state-of-the-art facility in the Inland Empire that uses an anaerobic digester to generate its own clean-burning transportation fuel. The MSRC has contributed more than $450,000 in funding to the multiple stages of the project, from the original installation of the first fueling pumps in 2013 to its various levels of expansion over the past few years. This has included everything from the initial construction, to expanding the station by installing a compressor and time-fill posts, to making modifications to the maintenance facility.... Full Story

Riverside County Roundup

The MSRC has invested in a number of important clean transportation projects throughout Riverside County to help demonstrate alternative modes of travel. Here’s a brief recap of some of our project initiatives: Metrolink received an award for nearly $240,000 to fund special train and bus service to the Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn in Riverside. The service will start with the lighting ceremony on November 24th. More information is available at ... Full Story

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