New Funding Opportunity for Zero-Emission Microtransit Services

The MSRC has an exciting new funding opportunity for zero-emission microtransit services in the South Coast Air District. The MSRC has up to $2.5 million available for technology-enabled, shared mobility strategies that fill the gap between traditional “fixed route” transit and “ride hailing technology.”

“The MSRC is always looking for innovative projects that can demonstrate how different types of mobility can serve the community,” said Larry McCallon, Chair of the MSRC and Mayor of the City of Highland. “By making zero-emission microtransit services available to residents, they can experience a new way of getting around town which benefits air quality and traffic flow.”

Qualifying microtransit vehicles must have a capacity of at least four passengers per vehicle (in addition to the driver). Vehicles also must be zero-emission, and compliant with applicable Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Department of Transportation and Department of Motor Vehicles requirements (note: the requirement to conform to ADA requirements can be met if the service includes ADA compliant vehicles that can be made readily available). Eligible applicants include public transit agencies, private transportation operators, and paratransit providers. Funding can be used for transportation operations, marketing, outreach and promotion, and reasonable administrative costs.

The MSRC aims to target communities that will most directly benefit from this type of mobility opportunity. This includes areas where microtransit can be directly integrated into other transit systems – complementing transit in areas where deploying traditional fixed-route service would not be ideal. Microtransit services could be especially useful for high-density urban or suburban communities where traditional fixed-route transit does not currently meet the needs of residents, including areas that draw in visitors from other areas. Disadvantaged communities and other areas that suffer from historical underinvestment in transportation services would also be ideal areas to deploy microtransit services. Finally, areas that are disproportionally suffering from air pollution would also benefit from microtransit zero-emission mobility options.

The application deadline is March 24. To learn how to submit your proposal, please visit