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Renovate Fairplex Park & Ride Lot - #1048

In August 2007, the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works completed its improvements to the Fairplex Park and Ride Lot. The lot is located at 1810 Gillette Road in Pomona and provides commuters with two parking lots, one on 13 acres and the other on less than an acre, for a total of 500 parking spaces.

Improvements to the Park and Ride Lot include resurfacing and restriping of the pavement; installation of new curbs, vehicle stops and medians; new steel fencing to replace old chain link fencing; new lighting; bicycle lockers; new benches; and signage. New…

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Purchase of 40 Natural Gas Refuse Trucks - #1232

Republic Services received $1.28 million in Clean Transportation Funding from the MSRC to purchase 40 new CNG refuse collection vehicles, which all were placed into service by the fall of 2010. These vehicles were funded through the MSRC’s Solid Waste Collection Vehicle Natural Gas Engine Program, which offers co-funding for the purchase of new, lower-emission refuse haulers equipped with natural gas engines certified at the California Air Resources Board’s 2010 standards or to re-power existing natural gas solid waste trucks with these engines. The trucks funded by the MSRC serve the greater Los Angeles area and operate primarily in the…

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Purchase 13 heavy-Duty CNG Vehicles - #1328

For a number of years, the City of Glendale has been converting its fleet to clean fuel vehicles. Our participation in this contract is consistent with our goal of converting our heavy-duty refuse fleet to clean-fuel vehicles. The objective of this contract was to purchase 12 CNG front-loading refuse trucks and one CNG street sweeper. They replace aging diesel-powered vehicles.

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