Proposal Process

Selection Process

The selection process is based on the annual workprogram schedule. It generally consists of four phases and takes approximately 12 weeks to complete. All proposals that meet the minimum criteria stated in the RFPs are reviewed and evaluated by teams comprised of the TAC members, the MSRC’s Technical Advisor, MSRC Staff and other technical experts. Proposals are scored and ranked based upon the criteria outlined in each RFP.

Here are the current guidelines for the MSRC’s RFP and evaluation process.


The evaluation teams submit their evaluations to the TAC for its review and consideration. TAC recommendations are forwarded to the MSRC for final review and approval.

The MSRC submits a list of successful proposers and the amount of recommended funding for each proposal to the AQMD Governing Board for approval. The MSRC reserves the right to approve only a portion of the proposers scope of work and/or funding request.

Proposers will be notified by mail of the final recommendations that are ultimately approved by the AQMD Governing Board.

The TAC, MSRC and SCAQMD Governing Board meetings are open to the public and proposers are welcome to attend these meetings. Meeting schedules for the MSRC and the TAC can be found in the RFPs and on the Meetings, Agendas and Minutes sub-page of this Website. For SCAQMD Governing Board meeting dates go to

Once approved, the proposer must enter into a contract with the SCAQMD on behalf of the MSRC before beginning their project.

Once submitted, proposals cannot be altered without the prior written consent of the MSRC. Proposals must be submitted by the date and time specified in the applicable solicitation. Late proposals will NOT be accepted or evaluated. No faxed or e-mailed proposals will be accepted; however, select MSRC solicitations require online proposal/application submission. No exceptions will be granted.

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