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MSRC and TAC Membership/Responsibilities

The representative of each of the agencies comprising the MSRC, as specified in the California Health & Safety Code, must be designated in writing by their agency and must be an elected official. The agencies can change their designated representative at any given time by giving notice in writing.
(Policy Enacted 1/17/91)

A representative and an alternate to the MSRC must be designated in writing by each agency specified in the Health & Safety Code and each must meet the same criteria. The alternate must be designated to vote, when acting in the absence of the representative, for the agency they represent.
(Policy Enacted 1/17/91)

Annually, during the month of May, the MSRC shall elect a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson by majority vote of the MSRC members. The MSRC Chairperson and Vice Chairperson must be an elected official or a voting board member of the voting agency or authority the individual is representing and cannot be the AQMD or the CARB representative on the MSRC. The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson can serve for as many terms as election results allow.
(Policy Enacted 3/22/93, Policy #2; Amended 6/25/98)

Membership of the MSRC shall be as follows:
  • There shall be designated alternate representatives for the MSRC. The appointing authority shall submit the name of the alternate in writing to the MSRC chairperson;

  • With the exception of the CARB representative, no representative shall serve on both committees.
    (Policy Enacted 3/22/93, Policy #1)

The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Technical Advisory Committee shall be elected annually in May by majority vote of the TAC members present. The TAC Chairperson and Vice Chairperson can serve for as many terms as election results allow.
(Policy Enacted 3/22/93, Policy #3)

MSRC members shall comply with the AQMD’s Conflict of Interest Code.
(Policy Enacted 3/22/93, Policy #4)

A MSRC member may not serve as a member for one agency and an alternate for another (Policy enacted 10/28/99). An MSRC alternate may serve on behalf of only one agency; thus, an alternate to one MSRC member may not serve as an alternate to another (Added 5/23/02).

Appoint LA Metro as the regional rideshare agency for purposes of participation on the MSRC.
(Policy Enacted 9/20/10)

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